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Risk Management

The business environment in which the companies are located, is becoming increasingly complex and global, a fact which causes the expansion and diversification of risks which are subject to business practices. Risk Management service aims to help companies reach their strategic goals, to provide continuous improvement in the internal control environment, enabling effective management of risks and potential, ensuring operational compliance with respect to internal regulations, contracts and legislation , to seek adherence to best practices, providing cost reduction and efficiency gain, safeguarding assets and preventing fraud. Moreover, the practice of Risk Management provides a significant improvement in corporate governance and investor relations. Our performance is based on the achievement of strategic goals through the ethical effectiveness of internal controls and corporate governance.

Evaluation of internal control

  • Assessment of internal controls
  • Risk matrix
  • Structuring the internal control environment
  • Compliance Fraud Prevention
  • Allowance - the prevention of money laundering crimes.

Adequacy of best practices

  • Adequacy of best practices
  • Development of policies and procedures manuals
  • Assistance in implementation of control self assessment
  • Audit of systems and sites
  • Training in internal auditing
  • Process evaluations.

Support to senior management

  • Internal audit planning
  • Assistance in the implementation of the audit committee
  • Outsourcing internal audit
  • Staff loan
  • ELC - Entity level controls Services related to corporate governance.